Preparing a Space to Become a Movie Film Location

Movie film locations are some of the most difficult logistics in production. Not only do they have to be right for the story telling, but there are a number of other practical requirements that the location must meet in order to host a production that an audience will never see. Here is how you can prepare a space to become a movie film location.

Does It Fit the Story?

The first step in preparing any location for a shoot is figuring out if it will work for the story or not. If you don't like it, then don't pursue it. But, if it is right, then find out who the owner is and negotiate a rate for it.


Parking is very important for a film shoot. There not only has to be parking for the cast and crew, but also for your equipment. Most shoots have a lot of equipment that requires trucks to transport it. Make sure that there is truck parking near your location. This has a huge effect on the crew's morale.

If there isn't enough parking for the crew's personal vehicles, then you need to arrange an alternative way for them to get to the location.


A lot of equipment is needed for a shoot, and you need to have that close to the set in order for the shoot to move quickly and smoothly. Stage the equipment in an area that's closest to the set without being disruptive.


Holding refers to the area where the actors hang out when they're not shooting. This area should be far away from the set so that the waiting people aren't disruptive to the shoot, but not too far away. Holding is a great place to keep the make up and wardrobe departments.


You need to feed the cast and crew, so you should have an area set up for them to eat lunch in. This area should be off the set and clean.


Not all locations have modern plumbing and clean bathrooms. In those cases, it might be necessary to rent some porta potties. Otherwise, you're going to have a long day and an unhappy crew.