Post Production: The 8 Best Programs for Menu Creation

There is a lot of post production software available that can be used for video editing. However, each program has its own strengths and weaknesses. The following are details on those programs that are particularly good for menu creation. Menus are found on all DVDs as this is like the index to the disk. You will normally find a play option, scene selection, special features, audio, setup and more.

  1. Nero Multimedia Suite: This software is actually a suite of 3 different programs from Nero: video editing, burning and backup. It has plenty of advanced video options and allows you to create professional DVDs. There are menu templates to choose from that can be customized to the designer's needs. You can create a menu, edit your video and then burn it with this software suite.
  2. ArcSoft Total Media Extreme: You can create all types of DVDs including blu-ray with this software. The interface is very easy to use and is a combination of 5 different multimedia tools as well as several different utilities. The creation of menus is very straight forward as is other editing and video creations tools.
  3. Boilsoft DVD Creator: This software is very easy to use and you can create and edit your video quickly. It contains a DVD creator and burner. The working panels provide step by step instruction. There is even a fast burning option for those that want to skip menu creation. This program gets high reviews due to its ease of use.
  4. CyberLink Power Director: The latest DVD creator and burning software from CyberLink offers even more than before. It contains designer tools, editing and enhancing tools, free effects and menu templates. It contains many tools that make it easy to fix the more common video problems such as poor white balance. It contains a special menu tool for all different types of DVDs.
  5. DVD Menu Studio: This software is specifically for menu creation. You can create a menu based on vectors, 3D, editing, bitmap design or 2D. With all the different options it takes much less time to create a DVD menu. The software automatically deals with any exporting issues, resizing, layer merging or separation, mapping, auto routing and more. It is one of the fastest and most professional ways to create a menu.
  6. DVD Author: This software is best for beginners as it provides several low level tools. You can add chapters, buttons and create graphic images for your menu. Besides providing all the tools there are also many excellent tutorials on how to use the different tools and functions of the software.
  7. DVDit Pro: Roxio designed this software. It offers professional menu creation and edition and you can add several different audio tracks to the software. It also comes in a high definition format that allows the user to create Blu ray discs. It contains preset controls as well as the ability to completely customize the disc, including the menus.
  8. MenuEdit: MenuEdit contains many different tools to make it easy to create and edit menus. You can eliminate unwanted material and link the important parts of the DVD to menu buttons. It has a graphic interface that makes it very easy to use.