Post Production: The 7 Best Compression Programs

Video compression is normally used in video post production. Compression is normally needed in order to distribute the film. There are many different software programs depending on the platform as you can release the film as a DVD, online or other formats. In most cases without the compression the file is just too large and cannot be transferred. There are some excellent free programs as well as video editing software that contain a compression feature.

  1. RAD Video Tools: This software is very reliable though you may need additional software depending on your distribution. With this program you can easily convert your video to an exe file or a QuickTime movie file and AVI file. This is a very easy tool to use and does not take days to learn how to use.
  2. Prism: Prism is a universal converter that is used on the Windows platform. It compresses and converts all different types of files including WMV, ASF, MPG, MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI, VOB, OGM and more. It is possible to load different formats to the program and then compress it all to one format. Any video you compress using this software can be played on all different multimedia devices. You can even add videos from DVDs and then compress them.
  3. Blaze Media Pro: Blaze can be used to compress video files and create 3GP, PSP, iPod, FLV, SWF, MOV, WMV, MPG and AVI video files. It is very simply as you just need to press the convert video button on the interface. It is then possible to determine what video you want to convert and your chosen output form. There are many compression options you can choose from.
  4. Soreson Squeeze Compression Suite: This squeeze software provides all different compression options. This company originally pioneered video compression and the latest version is one of the fastest compression programs available. It is very straightforward to install and use the program and it can be used on Macintosh and windows. Not only is it fast but it also focuses on creating the highest quality compression files possible.
  5. Video Compression Manager: This compression manager is part of Windows Media Video 9. This program allows you to encode and edit your video files as well as compress them to different files. It is linked to Windows Media Player so the best compression files are AVI. There are several different licensing options available so you can use this compression manager with different files and codecs.
  6. Stoik Video Converter Video Compression: There are 2 different forms of this software the professional version and the free version. If you just want basic compression then you only need the free version. This will allow you to create WMV and DV files. However, with the pro version you will also be able to use video filters and other editing features. You are able to create MP4, MPG, 3GP and QuickTime files with the Pro version.
  7. SWiSH Video Compression: This is a very affordable piece of compression software for video. However, it will only convert video files to flash files. You can convert any type of video file into a Flash file and there are many ways to customise and adjust the settings. They offer a free trial.