Post Production: How To Make the Most of Outtakes

Outtakes are not always included in post production but they can be a lot of fun. Most people find the outtakes to be some of the funniest parts of shooting. Outtakes always occur as mistakes happen and things will go wrong. As long as the camera is on and shooting then there is a good chance you will have plenty of outtakes to choose from.

Step 1. Choosing the Clips

Most individuals will need to choose the outtake to include in the special features section of the video. If the director includes all of the outtakes then this may be as long as the movie itself. See about choosing the best of the outtakes as you may want to exclude specific outtakes.

Step 2. Placement

Where the outtakes are placed is important as it is important to keep the flow of the program of film. In order to ensure the outtakes do not disrupt the flow, they generally are found in showcase spots, such as during the end credits or after the film. If the audience does not know to stay until the end of the credits then they may miss the best part, the outtakes.

Step 3. Between Segments

If your video or film has several different segments then you can put them in between the sections as a way to segue between segments. It is also possible to create a short film just entirely of outtakes which can then encompass the final segment of the program.

Step 4. Discretion

It is necessary to have discretion when including clips in the outtakes. It is important to realize what is considered funny and what may be rude or sensitive material. Sometimes individuals have too much fun and say or do things that could be detrimental to their career. It is up to the director to ensure that all damaging or sensitive material is not found in the outtakes.

Step 5. Politically Correct

If the intended audience is unknown for public use then it is necessary to make sure that the outtakes are politically correct. Spoofs and inappropriate content can be offensive to some viewers and this can lead to legal action and the withdrawal of your film. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Step 6. Editing

The amount of editing needed on the outtakes is sparse compared to the rest of the video. The most editing to do include transitions and putting the different clips in the desired order. This can easily be done with most video editing software. Editing and cutting the outtake is just like putting together different clips for a film. However, the end product tends to be much shorter. Pull the different clips into a timeline and make edits.

Step 7. Website

If it is not possible to include the outtakes in your film or video then see about posting them on a website. When visiting major movie websites there are specific sections where it is possible to view the outtakes. Additionally, while many outtakes are not included in the film they can be found on DVDs. Outtakes are very versatile and are an excellent extra feature for any video.