Post Production: How To Edit Action Scenes

Action scenes add interest and excitement to your video. Filming action scenes can be very difficult simply because they are high speed scenes. Getting everything right can be very tricky. In order to make your action scenes look as good as possible you will need to edit them correctly. There are special things that you can do to edit your action scenes to make them look professional.

While editing action scenes is similar to editing other types of video there are some small differences. Learning about these differences will make it possible to edit and perfect your action video sequence.

Step 1: Angles

When filming action shots it's a good idea to try and film from a number of different angles. This will give you more footage to choose from when editing. Either have two (or more) cameras recording from different angles. Or alternatively you can film the sequence a few times from a different viewpoint.

Once you have as much footage as possible you should find that editing is much easier than it would be otherwise. You will have lots of different footage to choose from.

Step 2: Understanding the Basics

Editing video for action is different from other types of video editing. You need to understand this and realize that you can't edit the videos in the same way as normal. By understanding this it will be easier to make good action videos.

You need to maintain a line of sight with the actor in the shot to make your film look right. You will also need to consider the scene direction. When editing it's very important that the cuts land on the action.

Step 3: Continuity

When editing a video you will be cutting various parts out of the video. However, that doesn't mean that you want it to be too jerky. You must cut the video so that it still fits together properly and is continuous. This can be difficult to do at first which is why you must practice.

You will need to cut out the unnecessary aspects of the video while still making a continuous video which doesn't jump unnecessarily from scene to scene. As long as the film doesn't jump around too much it will be easier for viewers to concentrate on what is happening.

Step 4: Screen Direction

You can make an interesting action edit by having the actor leave the frame in one shot and then enter the frame in the other shot. To make this work you really need to ensure that the subject is moving in the same direction. Any cars moving from left to right in one shot must be moving in the same direction in subsequent shots.

Step 5: Thematic Editing

This is a special type of video edit which is a montage of unconnected shots. These convey emotion to the reader rather than adding any extra detail to the film.

Step 6: Experimenting

Action videos can be edited in a number of different ways. You should experiment with these different options to make the most of the shot. Compare all of the different options to make the best option for you.