Post Production: 5 Tips for Using Slow Motion

There are lots of effects that can be added to your films to make them more interesting and these include slow motion. Slow motion is an interesting effect and as long as it's not used too much can add something very interesting to your film. These tips will make it much easier to know exactly how you should use slow motion.

It will be possible to make your film look more professional when you learn how to use various effects. You will need to spend time mastering these effects and then also learning exactly how to use them.

1. Don't Overuse it

When you learn how to use effects it is very easy to use them too often. At first the slow motion effect is very exciting and makes your videos look great. However if you use it at every opportunity then you will find that it's too much. Overusing the slow motion effect can make it boring and not very useful.

Ideally stick to only using the slow motion effect once in each film. This will ensure that the film is useful and professional. Trying to do too much or apply to many affects will make your video look tacky.

2. Lighting

Shooting slow motion video requires a lot of light. You will need to record the videos using a high speed setting. This means that the light will have less time to create the pictures. If you don't have enough light in the picture then you will find that the video is too dark and dull. Make sure that you are shooting with plenty of light available. If you are shooting indoors for example then you need to use additional artificial lighting of some sort.

3. Type of Camera

To get the best results possible you should use a camera that has a high speed setting. High speed video cameras will make it possible to record plenty of content to make your slow quality video. If your camera doesn't have a high speed setting then you will struggle to record good slow motion videos.

If you only have a camera that can capture 30 frames per second (FPS) then you can fake the effect by using software. However, the whole point of slow motion videos is to capture things that you wouldn't normally see if it wasn't in slow motion. This means that you need to record in over 30 frames per second.

4. Speed

Choose the right speed for your camera settings so that it's possible to record the video properly. If you want to create slow motion sports results then you should use 120 frames per second or higher. If, for example, you want to create a slow motion video of love scenes, or even of two people walking, then you will need to use 300 frames per second. Of course, if you want to create slow motion videos of high speed items such as bullets then you will need to shoot at between 5,000 to 10,000 frames per second. This isn't normally something that's possible with a consumer camera. For this you will need to buy a professional slow motion video camera.

5. No Need to Use a Tripod

When recording videos it's normal to use a tripod to make the video as stable as possible. When recording in slomo, though, this isn't essential. This is because it's possible to stretch out the videos, which removes any blurring from the video. This makes it much more flexible and easier to move the camera around to see everything you want. You can even try throwing the camera around just to see what the results are.