Online Video Distribution Tips and Ideas

Distribution is the final and most important phase for all video projects, yet it is often overlooked. Most filmmakers have an attitude that says 'Why should I think about distribution when I'm a filmmaker and my goal is to make films?' Well, the reason you need to think about distribution is because what's the point in undertaking the effort to make a video that no one will watch? Twenty years ago distribution was only limited to a select few people, but thanks to the Internet, anyone can distribute their videos online so that millions of people can watch them.

Encode Your Video to Web Friendly Settings

The first thing you need to take into consideration for online video distribution is your video's file format. You need to encode it so that it plays back in high quality while keeping the file size relatively small. There are a ton of video sharing websites out there so encode the video to a few different settings because all of them are different. Youtube can take files up to 2GB in length while College Humor can only handle 80MB. Flash video is great for making high quality small files, but not all sites support it. Make several versions of your video so you have the best possible version available for each site.

Upload Your Video to a lot of Sites

Don't consider making your video exclusive for just one site because all you're doing is alienating your potential audience. Upload to as many sites as possible because the more exposure, the better. The one site you should defiantly upload to is Youtube because the site has two billion hits everyday. Other sites to upload to are Blip TV, Metacafe, Atom and MySpace. The more sites your video translates to, the more people watching your video.

Promote Your Videos 

Now that your videos are online, you need to drive traffic to them. There are millions of videos on the web so you need to make yours stand out. Promote it on your social networks and ask for others to pass the link around. Also e-mail the video to your friends so that you can get more views.

Find forums and groups that relate to the topic of your video, and pass it along. This way you know that it's reaching a specific group of people interested in the content.

Watch and Comment on Other People's Videos

Watch other people's videos and leave comments. This will create a hyperlink on your user name that links back to your channel, increasing the odds that other people will watch your work.