Limiting Your Color Palette in Camera

The color palette is used to create interest in your video. Modern films have a very high color depth which means that a large number of different colors are displayed on the screen. If you want to make your film look older, then you will need to limit the color palette used. This is noticeable when watching older shows on TV when they do not look as sharp or detailed.

Limiting the color palette by using your camera is one of the most convenient ways of creating this effect. This is very simple, as it does not involve copying the video onto your computer and then editing it. The settings on your camera make it relatively easy to adjust the color depth for your video and change how it looks.

Step 1: Reading the Instructions

As every video camera works slightly differently, you will need to read the instructions. The instructions should show you how to limit the color palette using your camera. By doing this, it will be possible to discover how you can change your cameras settings to get the best results.

Colors are very important when filming anything. The color will create a unique range of feelings for your audience. By limiting the color palette by using your camera, it is much easier to create a film which looks like it was created in the past.

Step 2: Preparing Your Camcorder

Turn your camera on and set it into recording mode. This is normally done by turning a dial on top of the camcorder. This is the mode which will be used to film a video.

Step 3: Accessing the Menu

Press the menu button on your camera. If you don't know which button this is, then you can find it in your manual. This will normally be marked as "settings" or "menu". When you press this button, a large menu will appear.

Step 4: Color Depth

Use the up and down button to select the color depth option. Once you have selected color depth, you can then select it by pressing the OK button on your camcorder; this will display a new dialog box which pops up on your screen.

Step 5: Adjusting Colors

You then need to adjust the color depth by using the up and down or left and right buttons to select the different options. You can choose the color depth in a number of different ways including selecting the bit rate of the video. When you have set the correct settings, you will then need to confirm the changes by pressing the right button.

Step 6: Testing

Once you have adjusted the settings on the camera, you will then need to record a short film with the new settings. It should then be easy to play it back to find out how it looks on film.

Step 7: Considering other Changes

If you want to make your video look even more old fashioned, then you can consider changing the frame rate or adjusting a number of other settings on your camera. These changes can be an effective way of creating authentic old looking films.