How to Rotate or Flip a Video Image in Final Cut Pro

If you are interested in learning how to flip video and are looking for editing software that will allow you a lot of extensive image control, you should look into Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro

To flip an image in Final Cut Pro, begin by going to the browser. Click on the tab labeled “effects.” Open the folder marked video filters and you will a sub folder labeled “perspective.” In this folder, you will find an effect known as “flop.” If you drag and drop this onto your image, you will see the image flop. For best results, bring the image up into the viewer before you begin.

Adobe Premiere Pro

To flip an image using Adobe Premiere Pro, begin by loading the files. Run “flip” to Adobe Premiere Converter and then “add file” to import the flip .mp4 video. Next, select the format for the output and choose its destination. Choose the output format from the “profile” drop down list and then click on the button labeled “browse” and specify the destination. To start the conversion, click on “convert.” Once you have converted the file successfully, you can then import it to Adobe Premiere.

Sony Vegas 9 Pro

Begin by clicking “add video” to add your video. You will then click on the drop down list under “profile” to change the output. Choose your output and save it by clicking “output arrow.” You will then click “start” and the whole process will be automatically be completed.