How to Obtain a Permit from Your City's Film Office

A local film office is generally put in place to grant shooting permits for famous movie location destinations. This is because almost any popular movie-shooting destination will effectively attract thousands of filmmakers. This is a major source of revenue for the local governing bodies.

Here's how to obtain a permit from your city's film office. The instructions are generic and may change depending upon specific locations.

Step 1: Obtain an Insurance Policy

First of all, you will need to procure an insurance policy for the shoot to be undertaken at the location. For most parts of the USA, the minimum required insurance value is USD1 million. You will then need to provide a copy of the insurance certificate to the local film office. Consult the local office for specific guidelines and preferred insurance agencies or brokers.

Step 2: Apply for Shoot Permit

You will procure a shoot permit application either in person from the local film office or download it from the relevant website. You will then complete the application form and submit it to the local film office.

Once submitted, you application for the shooting permit will be considered and scrutinized by the local film office. In most of the cases, the shooting permit is granted without any questions being asked, as long as the certificate of insurance is duly attached with the application.