How to Make Money Creating Stock Footage

Individuals can use stock footage as a business because stock footage is used by many companies, individuals and businesses. This footage is used for photos, advertisements, commercials, websites, films, televisions and more. This is a very important part of the film industry as many people do not have the funds to travel around the world to collect the needed footage. Instead, they can stay in the office and collect all the footage needed so it appears like they traveled everywhere.

Step 1. Websites

There are many websites and web services that will take your created footage and then help market and sell that footage. The footage may be included in a type of library or will be sold on an individual basis. This can be a good way to get started until you have enough footage for your own library or package.

Step 2. Unusual Footage

Not all of your footage will be accepted by web services. The more common the footage the less likely that it will be accepted. To have all of the footage accepted or in high demand it is important to offer rare footage. Run searches on keywords and see if there are any similar footage hits. If there are no or low hits then your footage will have a good chance of being accepted and in high demand.

Step 3. Quality

The quality of footage is very important. The more amateur or low end the footage the harder it will be to sell. It is important to create professional footage. This can easily be created using a digital camera and good video editing software. When shooting it is recommended that a tripod be used for stability.

Step 4. Legal Footage

There may be legal issues with the footage you have created. If there are individuals in the footage then it is necessary to have photo releases for everyone in the footage. The one exception is footage that was shot in a public place. Be aware of any trademarks, brand name and copyrighted imagery in the footage. Permission for these items to appear in the footage is necessary. If you cannot get permission then these will have to be removed from the footage before it can be released.

Step 5. Royalty Free

Royalty free stock footage is one of the best ways to make money creating stock footage. Each time the footage is downloaded from online the customer will pay a fee to use that footage. However, once the customer has the footage they can use it as many times and in many films as they want. This is how royalty free footage works. If royalties are involved then the customer will have to pay a fee every time they use it. While royalties will provide the most cash most individuals looking for stock footage will be more inclined to purchase royalty free stock footage.

Step 6. Marketing

Instead of marketing your footage to large companies, focus on smaller production companies. In all likelihood large companies will have their own stock footage libraries to use. But smaller companies will need to collect stock footage from other sources.