How to Get Quality Film Production Supplies on a Budget

One of the common problems with independent filmmaking is that it requires you to procure quality film production supplies on a shoestring budget.

The following is a guide on how to get quality film production supplies for cheap.

Friends and Family

If your friends and family are into independent filmmaking then this is the most obvious route to go. This is one of the most direct and the cheapest (probably costing a pizza and a beer) method to procure what you need to make an independent film.


A lot of people do not know this, but Craigslist is the number one source to score free equipment. Some time and patience can throw up a lot of free deals or dirt cheap options to procure film production supplies and equipment.

Online Auctions

If you are good at bidding and can play the wait and watch game, then online auctions at places like eBay can get you a great deal on film production supplies. It takes time but every now and then a good bargain comes along that you should be able to snap up.

Local Rentals

If you are prepared to spend a little money up front and save on the full cost to buy production supplies, you can rent them at a local supply store. This can even become a regular working relationship and if you get them more customers, they can rent out some things free to you. This also gives you a great chance to network with other people and can land you some good opportunities.

Using the above stated tips, you should be able to provision most of your supplies on a budget.