How To Create Stock Footage Based on Where You Live

Stock footage is a growing industry that is becoming easier to enter as both a buyer and a seller. Buyers are able to search the web at all hours and instantly download a clip that they feel will help their film, and sellers are able to shoot virtually whatever they want and upload photos to a site and start making money.

Step 1: Practice, Practice, Practice

Before you go uploading your footage to websites, practice your shots and be sure that you are focused on your subject. Also make sure you are using the correct exposure setting, and that the frame shot is not shaking. If need be, invest in or borrow a tripod to prevent any shaking while filming. It would be unfortunate to have a great shot ruined by shaking.

Step 2: Get Creative

Think about where you live and what it has to offer. What can you shoot that cannot be found everywhere? It can be as simple as the leaves changing in the fall or waves crashing on the beach. Think about nature, landmarks and events in your area that are either nationally recognized or provide a great shot. If the site is nationally recognized, then stop and think about the perfect angle and perfect time of day to capture the footage so that yours stands apart from the rest of the footage featuring that particular site or event.

Think about things you enjoyed as a child and revisit them. Do a search on your hometown and surrounding areas to help get the creative juices flowing and always keep your camera handy; you may be driving home from the store when the perfect shot presents itself.

Step 3: Consider Legal Aspects

If you have any people in your footage and you intend to sell that footage, be sure to get the people to sign releases allowing you to use their image in your footage. You can find basic forms and templates on the Internet and if you know a lawyer, you could have him look it over. Keep some handy so that you are always prepared.

Step 4: Start Uploading to Sites

There are several sites out there where you can upload your footage and start getting paid for each download. Investigate the various sites you are interested in joining because they all have their own unique pay scale, submission guidelines and uploading guidelines. Some popular websites include istockphoto, pond5, shutterstock and licensestream.

As you get better, your revenues will increase and you will become eligible to upload to more and more sites. The most important thing to remember is that stock footage isn't all the Australian outbacks and the wildlife of Africa, it can start in your own backyard (literally). Start looking at your hometown through a camera lens and you will be amazed at what you find (and at what you can earn).