How to Convincingly Use Stock Footage for B-Roll

Using stock footage for the B-Roll in your movie can help to add extra interest to your video and make it much more professional. The name is taken from old video editing. This is because when editing with old decks if someone wanted to create a dissolve effect, then they would need to play the B deck.

The B Roll isn't just used to add interest to your movie. It is also a great way to conceal certain aspects of the video that you don't want to be seen. They are commonly used in documentaries to hide zooms or anything that you don't want viewers to see.

Step 1: Finding Stock Footage

First, you will need to find stock footage. This should actually be fairly easy to find if you know where to look. There are a number of stock video websites, such as istockphoto videos and Shuttershock. There are also websites where you can search for professional stock footage from television networks such as the BBC motion gallery.

Finding stock footage should be fairly easy. It's possible to search for footage by typing in keywords. Think about the keywords that you want to use to find the type of footage you're looking for. Enter these keywords and come up with a few different videos that you might want to use. It should be simple to watch a low resolution version on the Internet

Step 2: Deciding on the Footage

Once you have a shortlist of the footage that you might like to use, you should then take a look at the footage that you actually want to use. This is quite often the most time consuming thing to do. You will need to choose clips that you are happy with and that actually make your video look better. Although B roll footage is used to hide certain elements from viewers of the video. You should, however, also concentrate on finding useful video clips which actually add something to the video.

When you have decided on the footage that you want to use, it should then be fairly easy to download it from the Internet. You will normally need to pay first before you can download an unprotected version which can be used in your production.

Step 3: Adding Footage

The video should be downloaded to your computer once you have paid for it. As soon as you have paid for it, there should be a link which will allow you to download the file. Open your sequence in your favorite video editing application, and then cut it where you want to add the new footage. When cutting the video, try to choose times where it makes sense.

The footage should then be imported into your application and dragged to the correct position on the time line. If needed, it is also possible to edit the clip so that it fits better.

Step 4: Transitions

To make the clips blend nicely with your sequence, you should make use of transitions. These are effects which mask the gap in between the different pieces of video.