How to Compete with Big Name Film Production Companies

You need to compete with the big name film production companies if you're planning to start your own. Audiences won't care that you don't have the resources and budgets that the big guys have; they only care that your films are entertaining. After all, you're fighting for a market share in the entertainment industry. So, what can you do to create a product that is not only as good as theirs but better?

Pick a Specialization

When starting a production company, you need to pick an area to specialize in. You can choose from television, commercials, music videos, feature films or special effects. You might want to branch into all these areas, but at first just pick one and stick to it so that you can be the best company in that field.

Acquire an Office

In order to properly create any new business as a legal entity, you need to have an address for where you do business. Fortunately for you, your office doesn't have to be much. You could work out of your apartment as long as you have a phone, a computer and Internet connection. If you don't have an office, then meet clients somewhere else or rent a temporary office space. 

Acquire Money and a Reel

No one in their right mind is going to hire a production company that doesn't have a reel or past credits. You need to have a reel to show that you have produced top of the line work. You need to have money to do that because the work on your reel needs to look just as good as the productions that have big budgets. This is especially true with commercials and music videos where the projects are contracted out to production companies from corporations.

Even companies looking to produce feature films need to have reels. If you want someone to invest in your film, then you need to prove to them that you are worth their check. Having money can also allow you to hire celebrities to appear in your work, which lends it more creditability.