How to Become a Professional Location Scout

Being a location scout is a job of great fun, adventure and responsibility. If you love traveling, then you can look forward to traveling to a lot of new places and meeting a ton of new people. The job is very important in the sense that almost all production activity starts with the location scout.

Here are the steps to become a location scout. You will need a good digital camera and a lot of business cards.

Step 1: Networking

You will need to accrue relevant experience by obtaining internships on movie sets, and get some odd jobs as a production assistant. This will help you to understand the logistical requirements of using a location and other details like obtaining government permits.

Once you get to know people and build your resume and relationships, you can expect work to start flowing in slowly. You will need to go out and put yourself on the map by contacting local movie groups, production studios and following up on each and every one. Perseverance is key. Your business will solely depend on the trust and reliability that people place in you.

Step 2: Self Promotion

You will need to constantly promote yourself as a location scout while building lasting relationships and a solid work ethic and resume. You need to be a quick thinker and promote yourself so that you stand out of the pack. This can mean using self-branding techniques, establishing a brand identity and using themes of public interest in self-promotion.

Step 3: Finding Work

You need to be very open and receptive towards work assignments. Almost any new assignment can result in a new opportunity to act and promote you as a location scout.

Also, always be accessible, because the job’s very nature needs you to work on short notices.