How Knowing Lux Light Helps in Low Light

Knowing the exact lux light when filming makes it very simple to create professional looking videos. If you are trying to take a photo in low light conditions, then it is imperative that you know whether or not the lighting in the scene is suitable.

What Is Lux Light?

Lux is a measure of the amount of light in the scene. Measuring the lux levels is done using a light meter. This is a useful device which can be aimed virtually anywhere. The lux meter will then display the brightness of the light in the video.

Camera Settings

When you aim the light meter and press the trigger, the device will tell you the correct settings which can be entered into your camcorder. These settings are the exposure and aperture. By knowing the correct settings to use, it will be possible to film much higher quality videos, even in low light conditions.

These light meters aren't essential, however, they do save a lot of time. By being able to measure the exact light in the scene, there's no need to try to get the most out of your camera with trial and error.

Filming in Low Light Conditions

When using lux light meters, it's easy to film in low light conditions by adjusting the settings. If there are still any problems, then it might be necessary to add additional lighting.