Guide to Finding Paid Film Production Internships

Finding paid film production internships can be a difficult process. There is fierce competition for paid film production internships, so you need to make yourself stick out from the crowd. If you are looking for paid film production internships, you should contact the career center at your school, visit corporate websites and read daily newspapers.

1. Career Center

Whether you are going to a college or a university, your film school should have a career center. When paid film production internships become available, the company offering the internship will probably let your school know. You should keep in constant contact with the career center at your school so you can become aware of any paid film production internships as soon as they are available.

2. Corporate Websites

You can't always expect paid film production internships to simply fall into your lap. If you are looking for paid film production internships, you should visit the website of any major media company. Most corporate companies have internship programs that you can apply to become a part of. Corporate media companies are busy, so they might simply post paid film production internships on their website instead of contacting career centers at local schools.

3. Daily Newspapers

There are a few daily newspapers out there that feature lists of television shows and films that are being shot on a weekly basis in their newspaper. Examples of such newspapers include The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. In most cases, you will find a phone number that you can call to get in touch with the production coordinator for the show or film. Explain to the production coordinator that you are looking for a paid film production internship and take it from there.