Guide to DVD Production Costs for an Indie Movie Release

When you're a filmmaker without a distributor then one thing you need to worry about when the final edit is complete is DVD production costs. Now, there are various routes to go with DVD production depending on what your plan is. Here's a guide to your options.

Small Scale

If you just finished your movie and are sending out screeners to industry professionals and film festivals then your most cost efficient bet is to create the DVDs at home with your computer. This is great for small scale production where you only need to make less than 100 DVDs. However, as a solid distribution plan this won't be sustainable for large scale production. The other drawback is that Netflix does not accept these types of DVDs if you're trying to get your movie rented.

Large Scale

DVD manufacturing companies can create real DVD discs (as opposed to DVD-Rs). However, the minimum amount of discs that they will make at any one time varies between 500 to 1000 DVDs and it costs roughly $1000 to make them. This is a great option if you're selling DVDs directly and if you want to get your movie on Netflix. But, going this route will not guarantee that Netflix will pick up your movie. They prefer to work with distributors that can offer dozens of movies at once.