Guide to Creating Your Own Radio Commercial Production

Creating a Radio Commercial Production requires not only technical knowledge about how the radio industry works, but it also requires a certain creative wisdom to put words into rhymes and jingles that deliver the correct message for your clients. It seems easier than it looks, as producers of radio commercials have to create a product that targets not only a specific demographic but also conveys a positive image about the brands of their clients. The creative input that goes into creating a radio commercial is tremendous; however with the level of technological advancement that has taken place in this industry, it does not cost as much anymore to set up your own production facility and enter the market to compete with others as a radio commercial producer.

In this article, we will look at a step by step process on how to set up your own Radio Commercial Production.

Step 1 - Setup Your Digital Audio Editing Equipment

To set up your own radio commercial production facility, you need, first and foremost, a digital audio multi-track editor. These come as a stand alone equipment piece or bundled up with a fully functioning computer. It is easier to work with if it is attached to a computer already, as a lot of audio files require mixing & editing to make a great radio commercial. This equipment will allow you to easily manage your audio tracks and make changes to the sound quality of commercials so that they sound professional enough to be transmitted over the radio waves.

Step 2 -Setup Your Audio Capturing & Music Library

In addition to your digital audio editing equipment, you will require industry level dynamic microphones to perform voiceovers and headphones to judge the quality of your commercials in a noise free environment plus cables for power and data transmission requirements. In addition, you will need an audio music library from where to select authentic audio music tracks to produce your commercials. Such digital libraries are easily available in the market and give you access to piracy free content to make great commercials with.

Step 3 - Create Radio Commercials

The above mentioned equipment represents all the technical aspects of producing a radio commercial. However, it is your creativity that will eventually determine whether or not you will make it as a successful radio commercial producer. It is important to remember that it is considered best in the industry to choose a tune or music first before sitting down and writing out a rhyme about any particular product. This allows for better integration between your voiceovers and the music rather than writing a tune and spending hours trying to find a suitable tune to match it.

This singular aspect of the job determines whether or not your tune sings with the message or is just there as a prop. Radio commercial production will always depend on the creativity of its producer rather than on the quality of his/her hardware. Knowing how to achieve inspiration on how to do so is very important in order to be successful.