Getting the Film Look Using a Lux Meter

A lux meter is a very useful device which makes it very simple to record professional looking videos. Lux meters are special devices which are capable of measuring the light intensity in the scene. This makes it possible to easily choose the right settings for your digital video camera so that everything can be recorded correctly.

Although a lux meter isn't essential, it does make it much easier to set your camera properly. Using a lux meter is very easy, as it will provide you with the settings required. If you know how to use this meter properly, then it's fairly easy to make your film look just like a major blockbuster.

Step 1: Setting the Light Meter

Before you can use the lux meter to measure the intensity of light in a scene, you need to set the meter into the correct mode. You will need to set the light meter to use the correct ISO setting as set up on your video camera. Most of these meters are controlled by adjusting a small dial on the top of the device. Other meters will have a button to press to adjust the different settings. If you're not sure how to use your lux meter, then you should read through the instructions to find out exactly how to do everything.

With the device turned on and set in the correct mode, it should then be possible to use it right away. If it's not turning on, then you may need to try changing the batteries first.

Step 2: Positioning the Lux Meter

Stand next to whatever it is you are filming and press the trigger when the meters collection dome is pointed towards your camera. When you press the trigger for a second or so, the meter should beep showing that it has finished collecting the information.

Step 3: Reading Results

The lux meter will then display results on the LCD screen of the lux meter. Most digital meters will display the aperture and exposure settings which can then be used to set your camera up properly.

Step 4: Setting up the Camera

Now, you need to turn your video camera on and access the settings option. Normally this will be done by putting your camera into shooting mode and then pressing the menu button. With the menu open, adjust the shutter speed and aperture settings so that the camera will work properly.

Step 5: Testing

Now you will need to try recording a small section of your video to find out whether or not you are using the correct settings. This should cut out a lot of the guess work that many filmmakers experience. This should also save a lot of time as there should be less experimenting required. If there are any changes needed, then you will be able to make these changes by using the light meter again.

While a lux meter isn't necessary, it does make it much easier to record professional looking videos that you will be proud of. They are also very easy to use and affordable, so there's not really any excuse not to use them.