Getting Excellent Skin Tones with a Spotmeter

A spotmeter can be used to detect the light conditions in the area where you are taking photos or filming videos. This will make it easy to determine the exposure settings that you should use for your camera. This will also make it much easier to take perfect photos which are perfectly exposed and set correctly. A spotmeter is actually very easy to use and it shouldn't take much practice to use one correctly.

The spotmeter is useful when taking photographs or videos. These can help you to set the right settings on your camcorder so that your videos are perfectly exposed and look beautiful. These meters aren't essential, but using them will greatly improve the chances that your videos will look great and that all the skin tones will be the right color.

Step 1: Setting up the Spot Meter

First, you need to set up the spot meter and change the batteries if required. Read the instructions to familiarize yourself with your particular spot meter because all of them work in a slightly different way. If you can't find the manual, then you might be able to find them on the Internet.

Step 2: Focusing

You will also be able to adjust the focus on the eye piece if you can't see very well. To do this, take a look through the eye piece and look at the circle. Turn the dial to adjust the focus until the circle is sharp and in focus. This makes it really easy to use the spot meter without needing to wear your glasses or contact lenses.

You might need to do some tweaking of the focus so that both the readout information and the object are both in focus and can be seen clearly. Once you are happy with the focus, tighten the ring to lock it down.

Step 3: Reading

Set the correct ISO rating on the dial on the spot meter. If you are using a film meter, then you should set the right speed for the film. In the case of a digital film, this can be adjusted fairly easily, and it should also be adjusted on the spot meter.

Step 4: Taking Readings

Take a look through the eye piece and aim the spot meter at whatever it is you want to record with your camcorder. When you are on target, press the trigger and the meter should display an EV meter, which can be read inside the eyepiece. Read the instructions to determine whether you should add anything to this figure, as different spot meters indicate this in different ways.

Step 5: Choosing Aperture and Shutter Speed

Rotate the dial on the spot meter to the EV reading. This will now give you a series of different combinations of shutter speed and aperture which can be used on your digital video camera to get the best perfectly exposed image.

By using these settings on your video camera, it will be much easier to take high quality and perfectly exposed videos which you will be happy with.