Four Tips to Finding Film Production Work

The majority of all film production work is done on a freelance basis. This means that almost everyone is working from gig to gig and when they're in between gigs they're technically unemployed. Whether you're trying to break into the industry as a PA, looking for more work in your field or trying to move up the ladder, here are four general tips to help you get some work. 

Breaking in as a PA

Most people who have no contacts in the film industry start as Production Assistants. It's a grueling and unappreciated job that is often underpaid and requires just two skills: common sense and a drivers license.

Being a PA puts you in the industry where you can see how the business is run and develop contacts to help you advance your career. But breaking in as a PA is hard. If you don't know anyone then you need to intern, a.k.a. work for free, to prove your worth. Work hard as an intern and people will notice and start hiring you as a PA.

Getting More Work

When you don't have any work lined up then you have to look for it. You can either call the contacts that you do have to keep yourself fresh in their minds or you can go on sites like Craigslist and Mandy to see if you can get on a low budget job.

Moving Up the Ladder

If you want to advance your career, the fastest way to do this is intern for a key grip. You'll be working for free but you'll also get a great and quick education in that field as well as having the opportunity to meet other grips.

Breaking into Directing

If you want to be a director then you need to direct. That means you need to spend your own money to produce your own shoots. As you do this you will perfect your craft and create a reel that will then lead to paid work-- if you're good.