Finding the Balance in Light Intensity

Recording good videos is a real challenge, but it's something that is easier if you know about light intensity. When recording videos, light is very important because this is what is captured and makes up your photo. Without adequate lighting, the video will be too dark to be seen clearly.

Too Much Light

There can also be problems if there is too much light in your scene. This creates the opposite effect of not enough light. Subjects will be burnt out because the video will be overexposed. While this can be useful if you are trying to create a silhouette, it's not always this way.

Too Little Light

If there is too little light, then the video will often be grainy and difficult to see. You will need to ensure that there is plenty of light to illuminate the scene for your camera.

Balancing Light

In order to record high quality videos, you must balance the light intensity. To do this, a light meter is very helpful. These devices can be aimed at the subjects you are recording, and it will tell you the brightness of the light. Another useful way to test is using your video camera to take a sample of a recording. Start recording, and then play the results back to take a look at how it looks.