Film Production Training: Trade-offs between Online and School

There are several trade-offs between online and school film production training. The benefits of online film production training include a lower cost and being able to attend class whenever you want. However, the trade-off is that you do not get classroom instruction where you can use all of the latest film production technology. Whether you take online or school film production classes really depends on how you like to learn.


Generally speaking, online film production training costs less than school film production schools. Online schools do not have the overhead that traditional schools do, which allows them to charge a lower tuition. In most cases, you are still eligible for financial aid if you take film production classes online.


With online film production training, you can generally go to class whenever you want to. In most cases, you will be given assignments in the beginning of the week and they are due at the end of the week. There are even some online film production schools that have self pace film production programs. Unlike school film production training, there are generally no set times that you have to be in class.

Classroom Instruction

By taking online film production classes, you will not get classroom instruction, which can be important for film production. If you are the kind of learner that needs to visually see film production techniques being performed, school film production training is the best option for you. If you were in a classroom, you may have access to the latest film production technology, which only benefits your career. However, that is what you are giving up to save money and for convenience.