Film Production Insurance: [number] Reasons Why a Student Short Needs It

Film production insurance is one of the vital aspects a budding or student filmmaker should sort out and handle prior to the actual filming process. It is defined as a policy which covers and protects filmmakers from general liabilities for a year’s duration or more. There are several reasons why filmmakers, whether students or professionals, should opt for one. Some of these reasons will be discussed here.

Legal Aspects

By US law, all groups involved in film production are required to obtain insurance. Part of the insurance functions as a replacement for the salary paid to workers involved in the film project. It also covers medical costs for members of the crew who get injured during the shoot. These can be purchased from a number of private insurance companies. Premium charges may vary depending on the job description of each member.

Protection of Equipment and Assets

These policies are the more frequent reasons for availing insurances for film production. It protects the filmmaker from any damages incurred while filming. The insurance also covers the total amount of the rented equipment, which is useful in case the equipment gets lost or stolen. Approval times vary depending on the type and length of the film being shot. For commercials and short documentaries, policies can get approved within a day while for full length feature movies, it may require several weeks.

Coverage against Omissions and Errors

Insurance protects filmmakers from any lawsuits that can stem from illicit use of ideas, storylines, materials, formats and even titles. Filmmakers will also need insurance to protect them from issues such as plagiarism. In such cases, legal advice from a licensed lawyer is required to approve clearances on the script and other related aspects.