Film Festivals: Getting Your Film into Cannes

It can be a daunting task to submit a film to film festivals, but the reward is more than worth it. The Cannes Film Festival, which takes place in France, is typically held in May of every year. The Cannes Film Festival uses a team of jurors to select winners for the various film categories. The Cannes Film Festival accepts both short films and feature films.

Step 1 - Meeting the Preselection Conditions

Before you submit your film to the Cannes Film Festival, you must comply with certain preselection conditions. The film that you submit to the Cannes Film Festival must have been produced within 12 months prior to the start of the festival. The film must have only been distributed within the country that it was filmed. If you are submitting a short film to the Cannes Film Festival, the film must be no longer than 15 minutes, including credits. The film must not have been shown on the Internet or presented in an international motion picture event.

Step 2 - Filling Out the Online Entry Form

The online entry form for the Cannes Film Festival is typically available every October. All films must be submitted by March 16th. There are no application fees for short films. For feature films, the application fee ranges from 50 Euros to 350 Euros, depending upon how you are submitting the film. You can only pay for the application fee online by using a credit card. Accepted credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Step 3 - Mailing your Video

Once you have submitted your online application, you will need to mail your video to the Cannes Film Festival. If you are mailing a 35mm film print, the Cannes Film Festival recommends that you use their shipping agent, Filminger. The mailing address for Filminger is 15, Bd. de la muette - Z.I. de la muette, 95140 GARGES LES GONESSE - FRANCE. All other films should be mailed to 3, rue Amélie - 75007 Paris - France. You are responsible for the costs associated with shipping your film to the Cannes Film Festival. If your film is selected by the Cannes Film Festival, you will be notified by mid-April.

Step 4 - Complying With the Rules and Regulations

If your film is selected, you will need to comply with all of the the Cannes Film Festival rules and regulations. A complete list of the rules and regulations is available on the Cannes Film Festival website. Once the Cannes Film Festival has accepted your film, you are unable to withdraw the film from the festival. While the Cannes Film Festival is ongoing, the film that you submitted may not be shown outside of the Cannes Film Festival. While your film will be presented in its original language, French subtitles must appear within the film. You must provide complete documentation for your film whenever the Cannes Film Festival requests it.