Feature Differences of a Micro Digital Camcorder and Full Size

If you are thinking of purchasing a camcorder, you will need to decide whether you should go for a micro digital camcorder or a full size professional camcorder. Before you decide on one of them, you should look at the different factors, such as sensor size and FPS (frame rate per second). Weighing the differences should help you decide which one is better for you. You will also need to think about the costs involved, as the micro digital will be considerably cheaper than the full size camcorders.


In terms of frame rate per second, there is not much difference between the two digital camcorders. The full size professional camcorder offers better FPS, which gives the owner the ability to move between 23.976, 24, 29.97 and 30 FPS. The micro camcorder on the other hand only offers 23.976 FPS. There are other micro digital camcorders that have the ability to record at 29.97, but they come with a more expensive price tag.


Full size professional cameras give the owner flexibility in choosing different kinds of lenses. There are specific lens mount systems that they can use to optimize video quality. The micro digital camcorder on the other hand has a fixed lens.

Audio Input

Audio input can also play an important role in making a video. Having clear and crisp sound should always give you a better overall video recording. While a micro digital camcorder makes use of mics that are imbedded in the camcorder, a professional camcorder uses XLR to be able to get better audio from its surroundings.