DVD Film School: Learning at Home

Today, the chance to learn filmmaking in several fast steps is made possible with a DVD Film School. It will save you time and will enable you to learn new things and improve on your skills. The package contains 16 lessons, divided into 4 levels.

Freshman Year

Four main types of contemporary movie production will be examined: Studio, Art, Low-Budget and No-Budget. The second lesson will guide you through the process of screenwriting. The third one will introduce you to guilds and unions and some cost-cutting tricks. The last lesson contains basic knowledge on pre-production, i.e. how to deal with film labs, capture sound and more.

Sophomore Year

In these lesson plans, you will master the art of “reading the script” and communicating with the actors. You'll also learn important principle techniques like close-ups, reaction shots, cutaways and editing. The second lesson concerns management of the project, while the post-production lesson is about the details about film editing. Finally, you will learn about digital cameras, microphones, lighting, streaming and more.

Junior Year

Lessons #9-12 display more details on budgeting, marketing and the selling of your film. How-to's on different amounts of funds are presented, as well as how to select the methods to promote your film at events and in media. The third and fourth lesson will teach you the skill of selling your project, by finding good cable and video/DVD deals and licenses, and also coping with the global market.

Senior Year

In these final lessons, you'll master the art of filmmaking, learning how to distribute, finance, organize and head to success with your project. Details on funding, profits, partnerships and more are presented in the first lesson. The second focuses on distributors, advertising and film prints. The last two show you how to plan shooting, such as by using the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid.