Doing an Apprenticeship over Film Production Schools

For people wishing to pursue a career in the film industry, film production schools are an area of contention. Some people will argue that they're worth it and others will claim that it's a waste of money. Of course, the two biggest factors in how much someone will get out of film school is what school they have chosen (courses, instructors, equipment) and how eager they are as a student.

Some people love their film school experiences because it allowed them to make their own movies and discover their voices, while being exposed to things they normally wouldn't have been.


One effective way to learn the film industry is to do an apprenticeship. The Film Connection Film Institute offers apprenticeships through the school for prospective students. This is a lot cheaper than film school, and it provides an opportunity for intense learning. You might want to consider this over a traditional internship because going through the school will help you find a legit company that wants to teach the next generation of filmmakers.

Of course, your success in this program is going to depend heavily on what you put into it. You're going to start out doing very simple tasks like ordering lunch, making copies and sending out faxes. Do these mundane tasks with a smile and make sure to be eager to learn more. If you act like these duties are beneath you, then you're just going to look arrogant and incompetent. However, if you put effort into each and every task, the crew members higher on the ranking will notice and will want to teach you more.