Distribution: Understanding Leased Access

Leased access has been used for a long time as it was first introduced into the industry in 1969. There are many government regulations dealing with leased access. These laws do change frequently as they are constantly being tweaked. A great example of leased access is the ability to bring public programs to cable users. There are many profits that can be collected using leased access if you know how to use it properly.

Authorizing Body

The Federal Communications Commission details that leased access airtime can be purchased by groups and individuals in order to air television content. Normally, local producers are favored. There are limits as to what is charged for leased access. This maximum is set by the FCC and cable companies cannot manipulate the maximum set point. Ultimately, it is thought that the lower the leased access price the more willing independent programmers will be to purchase this airtime. Leased access is very different from public access television. Producers will not have to pay a fee to air their program on a public access channel. However, there is a fee in order to air the program on leased access time.

Commercial Alternative

An alternative to purchasing commercial time is to get leased access. Smaller businesses and companies will not be able to afford the high costs of airing a commercial. However, the cost of leased access shows is much less and a very affordable alternative. This is a great avenue for local companies or those just starting out to expand their marketing to television.

Leased Access Content

A clothing store may purchase a half hour leased access time. They can create a television show that will showcase clothing from the store. Photos of the different clothing and individuals in different circumstances wearing this clothing all lead to viewer interest. This is a longer marketing message in which the store is trying the draw the viewer into visiting and making a purchase. Most times the additional business that the leased access show will bring to the store easily makes up the cost of the television show.

Advantages of TV Advertising

Advertising on television has many benefits as it is possible to get the word out about sales, new products and any promotions. The majority of shoppers all watch televisions so the chances of a large audience viewing the show is very high. It is possible to bring in new customers as well as to ensure you have return customers. The more familiar the store and what is offered the greater the chance a person will visit the store.

Competing with the Internet

With the rise of Internet usage, leased access has suffered. There have been many battles over what can be played over leased access versus those with Internet broadcasting. In the past, the FCC has denied lease access to those companies with internet ISP. Companies have been trying to prove that certain instances of internet services do meet the criteria for leased access coverage that can be carried on cable television. The rulings on this have not been consistent so if you offer information online make sure it does not clash with what is being offered on leased access. Talk to an expert if you are unsure or have any questions.