Distribution: How To Get Your Film Broadcast

Getting your film broadcast can be a real challenge. Producing films is great fun but unless people actually see them then it's pretty pointless. By getting your film broadcast you should get a lot more pleasure from it. This is because more people will benefit from your masterpiece.

Anyone serious about film making will dream of the day their films get broadcast. Follow the steps below to find out exactly how you can broadcast your film. Having your film broadcast should give you a real sense of achievement because your film will have an audience.

Step 1: Producing a Great Movie

The only way that you will be able to get a film broadcast is if you create a great movie. There are lots of wannabe film producers out there. For you to succeed you must make your film stand out from the crowd. Spend time coming up with a good idea, script and cast.

Step 2: Filming

When filming it's important to shoot in a high quality format. This will make it possible to broadcast the film as it will be good enough quality to be displayed on large screen TVs. If you film in low quality then the film is unlikely to be popular no matter how great the story is. This means that you will need to buy the best quality camcorder you can afford. Preferably the camcorder will be able to record in high definition resolution.

Step 3: Target Audience

Once you have your film produced you will need to think about your target audience. Depending on who your audience is the method of distributing it will be different. There are many different ways to distribute and broadcast films which will be suitable for different types of film. You will need to consider the target audience before you are able to distribute the film in any way.

Step 4: Broadcasting online

When most people think about broadcasting films they will only think about broadcasting it on TV. While this is a type of broadcasting it's something that's very difficult to accomplish. It is much easier if you first start trying to get your film broadcast on the Internet. There are a number of video sharing sites which can be used to distribute your video with. You can also broadcast your video live on the Internet by using certain services such as ustream.

Step 5: Getting Help

If you really want to get your film broadcast on TV then you will probably need some help. You will need an agent to represent you. This will also make it much easier to get your film broadcast and maximize the money you earn from it. While an agent isn't essential it will make it much easier to get your film seen on TV.

Step 6: Sending Samples

Create samples of your film on DVD or VCD. This should be very easy to do using a computer. Make sure that the whole thing is very professional and impressive. Send these samples to TV companies who might be interested in broadcasting your film. You might have more luck targeting networks which regularly feature viewer content.

Don't expect to get paid a lot of money for your first venture into the world of TV broadcasting. This is a good experience which is also very good for your future.