Digital Camcorder Buying Guide for Beginners

The points mentioned here will serve as a digital camcorder buying guide for beginners and help them make the right choice in their pursuit to take outstanding footage.

Size, Features and Price

You need to be clear as to what purpose you are planning to buy a digital camcorder for, as it will decide the number of features, the quality and the resultant price. If you are looking for a compact sized camcorder, they cost less and are quite easy to use (and will satisfy the basic needs of taking reasonably good footage of personal events and sharing them on the web).

Image Stabilizing Feature

This is one feature you must look for, especially if you are a beginner, as you can avoid blurry footage due to shakey hands while taking the shot.


Digital camcorders can take footage in high definition and standard definition. Standard definition specification is enough for viewing the footage on a computer screen or standard television. If viewing is going to be on HDTV, then go for a HD camcorder.


The zoom feature is important for getting closer to the subject and is a good feature to have; make sure to choose an optical zoom and not a digital zoom. The power of the zoom can go more than 48x, but for all practical purposes, 10x is a very decent magnification.