Differences Between a Film Production University & a Performance Film School

The main difference between a film production university and a performance film school is that one is a traditional college while the other is a trade school. Both have their positive and negative aspects and neither is better than the other in general. The way to decide on which one to go to depends on what your goals are and if you want a back up plan for you career.

Film Production University

Going to a traditional university to get a bachelor's degree in film will take about four years. In the end you'll have 120 credits worth of classes between film, your minor and your general education classes. The benefits from going this route is that you'll be exposed to other people with different interests and if you ever decide later in your career that film is not for you then you can go back to that university and take classes in a different major to get another degree. You could have a new degree in one year if you go down this path.

Performance Film School

Performance film school is for people interested in only taking film related classes. You'll never have to take a math, history, science or english class in these schools. Because they're more intense, they take anywhere from one to two years to complete. The drawback to these schools is that if you decide later in your career that you don't like film then you need to start from the very bottom at another type of school.