Corporate Film Production: Outsource and Save Big

Today, already 30 years have elapsed since outsourcing has been invented and it has already been used for years in corporate film production. It started back in 1980 in a hard economical state for the United States and it developed dynamically, covering more and more spheres until now. One of them is the corporate film production industry. This is because movies are among the most expensive products to make, requiring modern technologies and a big number of staff members. 

The relatively rapid spread of outsourcing is due to the dynamic opening of the world. It becomes more and more interconnected; language barriers are present in less countries, as English has become an international means of business communication, and the Internet has made the world a smaller place. This has led to the appearance of many outsourcing companies, providing full coverage to the needs of the film or TV production industry, mostly in Asia, India or developing countries (where hiring a team of actors may cost you what you would normally pay one actor). Even though it is a serious opportunity to save time and money, outsourcing may have hidden traps.


The outsourcing firm, hired to complete your project in a hosting country, can give you insurance for the accurate, correct and proficient conduction of all the processes of the film creation. However, due to payroll processing services and tax preparation services, the hosting company will have access to confidential information, which is a risk for your corporate security.


The general consideration, leading producers to outsourcing solutions, is the time and money saved because of the lower payrates in developing countries. Usually, this is the case, which makes it an irreplaceable solution for corporate film productions. Besides much lower staff and team management costs, the company saves from investments in the latest technologies and infrastructure. However, there might be additional expenses, for instance the legal costs you are obliged to pay when signing a contract. Various administrative costs around the contract signing may also appear.

Quality of Work

As outsourcing has developed a lot, there is already competition among companies providing the service, and therefore higher quality of the services you need. However, the quality of production, the deadlines, accurate communication and understanding of each of the partners' goals cannot be entirely guaranteed. You can never be sure that the actors will understand the idea of the movie completely and be able to interpret it in the most suitable way. An additional side effect of outsourcing is the decrease of your own staff's quality of work, as your decision might not be accepted equally by everyone.

Management of the Process

Again, it depends on the experience and proficiency of the company providing services in the host countries. But, it surely may take more effort to control the stages of production from a distance. Also, special attention should be drawn to the activity of the hosting company, as too many projects might be overwhelming and might prevent the company from organizing and managing your project well.