Complementing a Set's Interior Color Palette with Props

When working with the interior color palette for your film, it is important that you give some thought to the colors used for props. The colors throughout the scene should work well together. This ensures that the movie looks as good as possible when played back. The colors for your costumes, sets and props all need to complement or contrast with each other.

Working with colors can be very difficult, and if you do have any problems, then you might want to hire someone with more experience such as an art director. The colors used in your films can create a unique setting, which will make it easier for your viewers to enjoy.

Step 1: Deciding on Set Colors

If you haven't done so already, then you need to decide on the colors used in your set. This is because all of the colors will need to work as well together as possible. This will prevent any problems with colors clashing with the props or background colors. The colors of the sets will depend on your personal preferences.

Step 2: Dominant Colors

With your set colors designed, you should then work out the dominant color. The dominant color is the most commonly used color in the scene, and it should be easy to decide on the dominant colors. Look at the set and decide what the dominant colors actually are.

Step 3: Deciding on Prop Colors

Once you have decided on the dominant colors and the design of the set, you then need to think about prop colors. The design of the props is exactly the same as when choosing furniture for your home. The decor of your set needs to suit the props used so that it all looks okay on film.

An easy way to choose complimentary colors is to use a color wheel. This means that you can look opposite the wheel to find out which colors work well together.

Step 4: Prop Location

It is also very easy to move the props around and position them differently. They will look different depending on the different locations. If the colors don't work well together, then you could try moving them around slightly.

Step 5: Considering Costume Colors

Once you have chosen the prop colors, you will then need to consider the colors used for the costumes. The costume colors need to also suit the set and prop colors.

Part of the costume is also the makeup. The colors of the makeup will need to be thought about because these also need to go well with the set and prop colors.

Step 6: Testing

Test the look of the film by recording a short section of the action. Then, play back the video and check how everything looks on film. If any changes are required with the prop colors, then these can be made at this point.

If you really struggle to work out color schemes, then hiring an expert art or production director will be helpful. These people are also very useful if you are dealing with large and important productions where perfect colors are essential.