Comparison between a One and Three CCD Digital Camcorder

If you are looking for different CCD camcorders then a digital camcorder comparison is needed. There are two types of CCD camcorders. The first one is the single CCD camcorder and the second one is a 3 CCD camcorder. We look at the difference between these two camcorders below.

Single CCD Digital Camcorder

The single CCD camcorder is the cheaper of the two. It uses only a single lens to process everything that you are trying to record on the digital camcorder. Because of this, you will notice a big difference in terms of video quality if you compare it to a 3 CCD camcorder. The cheapest single CCD digital camcorder that you can get would be around $200.

3 CCD Digital Camcorder

The 3 CCD camcorder is the more advanced camcorder among the two, but it is also quite expensive. You can get a 3 CCD camcorder priced from $800, which makes it a lot more expensive compared to a single CCD digital camcorder. As its name suggests, the 3 CCD camcorder makes use of three separate processes to record images from three different colors which are red, green and blue. Through this process, the 3 CCD camcorder is able to create better quality videos compared to the single one.

If you are looking for a digital camcorder you will use for a film production, then you should get a 3 CCD camcorder because of the video quality that it provides. Although much more expensive, the 3 CCD digital camcorder should enable you to get videos with much greater quality than that compared to the single CCD digital camcorder.