Benefits of Movie Camera with a Built-In DVD Burner

A DVD movie camera makes it very easy to create movies directly from your camcorder. The DVD can then be played back in a regular DVD player and viewed on your television.

No Need for Memory Cards

When using a camcorder which has a built in DVD burner, you will be able to create videos without the need for memory cards. While memory cards are fairly convenient, they often don't have enough storage space for a long length of video.

Rewritable Discs

If you use a DVD movie camera, then you can use rewritable DVD disks. These disks save money because they can be used again and again. Once you have finished recording movies, they can be copied to your computer and then used again.


When you have created the DVD using your movie camera, it can then be put into any DVD player. If your DVD player can read from writable and rewritable disks, then you will be able to play it back on your TV.

Easy Editing

When you have finished creating your video, it will then be possible to edit it on your computer. All modern computers have a DVD drive which makes it easy to read the videos. It's very easy to edit these videos using any popular video editing packages.