Becoming a TV Cameraman: Where to Start and What to Know

The occupation of being a TV cameraman can be quite exciting, if you have the inclination for such a job. Although there is no fixed way of getting to be a TV cameraman the following points will greatly help you in starting this career.


Usually a bachelor's degree will help in any career and the same is true for the profession of a TV cameraman. A degree which has major elements of computer technology and business would be ideal. Now there are also certain colleges offering special courses which are mainly for making the person fit for a TV cameraman position.


There is nothing like actually doing the job and so experience goes a long way in becoming established in this field. So, after your degree or any related course you should try to get an internship at a studio or local TV station, even if it means that you have to work for free. Firsthand experience in handling a camera is very important and the exposure in an actual job environment can prove to be quite invaluable. If you are lucky you can also get a position as an apprentice by applying for one.

Another way of getting started would be to buy your own reasonably priced video camera and volunteer at certain events like college gatherings or for a cable network. You can also take some interesting footage on your own and offer it to the stations and see if they are interested. Although handling a professional TV camera is quite different from a video camera it will give you experience in getting the right angles and composing the frame.