Advertising Movie Film Locations

Movie film locations can earn owners a lot of money. If you want your town to become one of these locations, then it is important to advertise it to the film making community. This will make it much easier for film makers to learn about your location and consider using it for filming purposes.

Advertising Online

One of the easiest ways to advertise a location is to advertise it on the Internet. There are many websites which are designed to make it easy for producers to search for locations for their next feature film. These websites are generally free to advertise on, although some of them may charge money. Most will only charge a finding fee upon putting you in touch with a film maker.

There are also specialist sites which are suited to particualr areas of the country. There are also sites which make it possible to advertise your home or land as a possible filming location.

Advertising in Magazines

Another method of advertising your town as a filming location is to advertise in magazines. It's possible to find a number of magazines which are read by film producers. These ads can be quite expensive, however, it's something that can be considered as an investment. One of the most popular magazines is "The Film Producer."