Advantages of a JVC Camcorder with an On-Board DVD Maker

A JVC DVD camcorder makes it easy to record footage and then burn it straight onto DVD. This makes it very easy to film and then watch the videos back right away. There are a number of advantages of choosing a JVC camcorder which has a built in DVD writer.


Using a JVC camcorder with DVD writer is a very convenient way of recording footage. The camera will record the footage straight onto a writable DVD, which can then be played back on any DVD player. The mini DVDs used in JVC camcorders and many other brands can be played back on almost all camcorders.


The camcorders are capable of using re-writable DVD disks. This makes it possible to re-use the disks time and time again. This makes them just as useful as memory cards.

Easy to Edit

The mini DVD disks can be put into any computer with a regular DVD drive. This makes it possible to quickly and easily transfer the video to your computer without the need for USB leads. Once the videos are transferred to the computer, you can then delete and reuse the disks as long as you are using rewritable disks.

Easy to Share

Another great advantage is that you can share the disks with friends and family. This makes it very easy to share the videos before you have even converted them and loaded them into your computer.