Adjusting a Luminance Meter for Outdoor Use

A luminance meter is another name for alight meter. These are very useful when recording videos because it is possible to use them to measure the brightness of a scene. If you are using the luminance meter outdoors, then you will need to adjust it so that the measurements are accurate.

Step 1: Reading Instructions

The best way to find out how to use your light meter outdoors is to read through the instructions. By reading the instructions, it should be clear how you can adjust the light meter to work in outdoor conditions. If you can't find the instructions, then you should try to search for them on the Internet.

Step 2: Setting the Light Meter

Depending on the type of meter you are using, you will need to access the menu of the meter. Other types of meters are adjusted by turning a dial to select the outdoor mode. If you're using a digital meter, then select the mode and choose outdoor.

Step 3: Using the Luminance Meter

Once the luminance meter is set up correctly, you will then be able to use it to measure the light outdoors. Simply point the light meter at the subject you want to measure and press the trigger. This will then tell you the best settings to use with your video camera.