A Summary of What You Need to Complete an Independent Film Production

Independent film production can be one of the most challenging successes to achieve due to a low budget placing a restriction on quality. Following is an introduction to the various aspects that you need to plan to complete an independent film production.

Video Equipment

For independent film making, the foremost requirement that needs to be met is quality but adequate equipment could become a problem on a low budget. You will need to pick up a good camera. These range from anywhere between USD 500 to USD 4000. All you need is to make sure that the camera you buy gives crisp and clear picture and offers the adequate controls to meet your script and technological requirements. Try to keep the camera digital as it will help you because almost all distribution and editing these days is digital.

Audio Equipment

Audio is another important side that you need to take care of. It is recommended that you get good sound capture crew on board. Use of a camera microphone is not a good option. You can go for hidden collar microphones but they tend to gather rustling noise. A boom microphone should be adequate for most of the scenes.


Most of the pre-production requirements will involve finalizing the cast and the crew. While postproduction will not require much more than a good editing software suite and a guy who really knows his way around it, one thing to keep in mind is that you will want to capture the sound properly while shooting the movie. Doing it afterwards is a big pain.


Once you are done with the film, you will need to tackle a different animal altogether. You will have to find a distribution company by going to the Internet or visiting a local video store and checking out the distributor names on the back of the box of the movies that fit your genre.

You can also sell the movie yourself at specific film festivals or sci-fi conventions. It’s pretty easy to make quality DVDs and design a box for them. You can also research the film festivals in your area and check out the relevant websites.