9 Tips for Making Your Videos More Profitable

Today, in order to make videos very profitable, the name of the game comes down to speed. The faster you can shoot the video, the more you can produce, which in turn generates more profits. However besides shooting more videos in a short amount of time there are other steps you can take to make your videos more profitable.

  1. Where You Post: The website where you post your videos can make all the difference. Many times it is not a good idea to post the video on as many websites as possible. Instead, choose a large video websites, such as YouTube. This website will bring your videos into contact with a very large audience, much greater than if you posted your video on different websites across the Internet.
  2. Instructions: Most individuals find instructional videos much more useful than reading directions. Therefore most companies provide online video demonstrations and instructional videos when selling a product. This also works very well for support problems, particularly if your product is fairly complicated.
  3. What Customers Remember: Video is the marketing form of choice because individuals will remember up to 50% of what they see and hear together. This is much greater than the 10% they retain from reading and 20% they retain from listening. Videos allow potential customers to process the marketing message much faster than other forms of media.
  4. Free Broadcasting: Many social and networking websites will let you post your videos for free. In this way you can spread your marketing to a much larger audience without having to spend additional money. These social websites receive millions of visits a day so the potential audience is huge.
  5. Provide Information: Videos can follow a specific format and convey important information to the viewer. These can follow how to formats, infomercials or other formats. Make sure whatever topic you are discussing in some way connects to your business or product.  The more useful and creative the video the greater the chance it will passed from person to person.
  6. URL: The placement of the URL for your website is very important. If possible, you want to have it on display throughout the entire video. Many times, it is best to have it at the bottom of the screen. If you can't have it displayed throughout the video then at least show it at the beginning and the end of the film.
  7. Target Audience and Purpose: Before you even begin to shoot your video make sure you know exactly who your target audience is and the purpose of the video. Cramming as much information as possible into the video is not always best as the video can then be very confusing.
  8. Length: Keep in mind the length of the video. The first marketing videos should not be overly long. These videos will provide the main points and be brief and concise. Then once you have the viewer interested you can provide other longer videos that provide more detail. It is best to provide information in small chunks.
  9. Content: As with any type of marketing or advertising you want to keep the content fresh and appealing. This means you will need to determine what is appropriate for you target audience and company.