5 Unique Features of JVC Professional Camcorders

JVC professional camcorders are more expensive than the consumer models available. You will need to look at the features of these cameras to decide whether or not you can justify buying them. These professional quality camcorders will make it possible to record high quality professional videos with ease. Here are five unique features of JVC professional camcoders:

1. High Definition

New JVC Professional camcorders are high definition video cameras. This means that they are able to record in very high quality. High definition videos can be played on plasma or LCD TVs and projectors. This includes various outputs to support different high definition outputs.

2. Battery Mount

The battery mount makes it very easy to quickly change the battery. This feature is unique to JVC professional camcorders. This feature means that you will minimize the amount of downtime when changing batteries.

3. Remote Control Connector

There is a unique 6 pin remote control connector which makes it possible to control your camcorder remotely. This makes it very easy to film scenes of yourself or your whole family.

4. Bayonet Mount Lenses

Unlike consumer camcorders, it's possible to use interchangeable lenses. This makes it possible to customize the camera for different environments.

5. Tripod Mount

Most of these JVC professional camcorders have a tripod mount system. This is a useful system which makes it easy to film steady footage.