5 Popular Film Production Software Packages for Indie Films

Film production software can be broken down into two categories, preproduction and postproduction. While these programs are all radically different in what they do, they all come together to help making a movie an easier process.

Preproduction Software


ShowBiz creates software that helps producers have an easier time prepping their projects in preproduction. One of the key features of their software is the ability to create easy to use budgets to help manage the money being spent.

Microsoft Office

Excel is a great program for creating lists and it also can be used for making budgets. Word can be used for writing scripts and creating preproduction presentation books so that the people footing the bill know what they'll be getting.

Final Draft

Final Draft is software designed to help writers with their screenplays. It manages the formatting aspect of screenwriting so that the writer can focus on the creative aspect.

Postproduction Software

Final Cut Pro

Thanks to the digital age producers cannot directly edit the work they have shot on their laptops. Final Cut Pro is one of the leasing software makers of non linear editing software. In fact, this program has been used to edit dozens of Hollywood movies.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects is a special effects program that allows editors to take video clips from the hard drive, enhance them and then place them in their movies.