4 Common Pitfalls of Film Production Management

The film production management crew is responsible for taking care of a plethora of things. They will handle anything from running the productions to scheduling shoots, ensuring that expenditures are kept within the budget. They are also responsible for paying all of the bills, obtaining any releases that need to be signed, and more. For the most part, hiring a film production management crew is a terrific idea, but at times it also comes with its fair share of pitfalls.

1. Social Media

One challenge for film production management is that sometimes the possible distributors have different ideas regarding the marketing of the project.

2. Communication Problems

At times, communication problems can arise with the production management that can slow down production, in turn throwing off schedules. Those that regularly negotiate and try to persuade others need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

3. Unclear Job Requirements

Most companies want candidates that are able to work with production operations that are increasingly complex. Those that are coming straight out of college may need training on the company’s policies. Many times formal training is not enough; it is also necessary to stay on top of the latest production technologies.

4. Job Opportunities

Through 2012, it has been projected that the need for film production managers will grow slower than the average for many other occupations. Those that have a college degree in management or business administration will have the brightest outlook to be hired. Employers will also be looking for those candidates that have excellent communication skills, that can work well with others and who are looking to enhance their knowledge though additional training.