3 Top Film Schools for Screenwriting

The top film schools which have programs for screenwriting are located in many areas of the U.S. However, California houses all three of the top film schools. This is no surprise when you consider how close this area is to all the many great movie studios.

1. The University of Southern California

The University Of Southern California’s campus is situated in Los Angeles and was founded in 1880. It has a very strict admission criteria and only about ¼ of those applying get accepted. Those who are accepted have high academic scores. The university also considers the applicant’s family background and association with the university when reviewing applicants for admission.

2. Loyola Marymount University

This Roman Catholic run University is also situated in Los Angeles and provides an extremely good education. The actual college was founded in 1933, however; it can trace its roots as far back as 1865. Their school of Film and Television came into existence in 2003 and already some of their students have received Academy awards.

3. Dodge College

Set slightly away from the main stream of Los Angeles, Dodge College is set in a beautiful area of the city. It is within a 45 minute drive to Hollywood. It opened the school of Film and TV in 1996. In spite its relatively young age, it has been making a name for itself. The facilities it houses are superb and although it is still considered a small college, it has an excellent record.