3 Tips to Selecting a Qualified Film Production Crew

When you are shooting a film, you have to take everything into account, including how to select a film production crew. If you know anyone in the film making world that has experience, you can ask them to help you. If you are just getting started in this industry, you may not know anyone yet, but ask around, your friends might.

1. Ask Around

Ask your friends if they have any friends or know anyone in the industry that can help you select a qualified film production crew. If they do not, they themselves may have some experience in the industry.

2. Check Local Colleges

One great way to go about finding members for a crew is to ask film students. Many of these students will want to make themselves known and will be ready to put a film on their resumes. All of these students won’t be actors. You will likely be able to find students that can assist you in all aspects of the film. Since they are going to school specifically for this industry, they will be enthusiastic and will do a great job so they can use you and your film as a reference later down the road. Often you will find that these students are willing to work for little money because they are more interested in the experience.

3. Place Ads

Another option that you have available is to place ads in your local paper or on the Internet. Some websites will let you place free or low cost ads, such as EntertainmentCareers.net and Craigslist. This can be a great way to find people with the skill set you are looking for.