3 Tips to Finding Discounted Digital Video Services

Digital video services can be costly when you are recording hours of video for a special event. Luckily, there are several services which offer you a discount on transcribing or editing your perfect video that has a few minor flaws. No one wants the hassle of removing that embarrassing moment or deleting the inappropriate speech that was made. If you want the digital video edited or the format changed, there are several companies that offer this service at a discount. When looking for the contractor who will be editing your videos, you really want to find a company close to home. An excellent resource to find a local video editing service is your newspaper.

  1. Newspaper: Newspapers contain a wealth of advertisements for local businesses. Video editing services is no exception. Digital video services often have seasonal specials catering to the family video enthusiast. You will find them in large advertisements as well as in the classifieds. Remember to look in the classifieds, as this is usually where the small businesses advertise.
  2. References: Your best references are obtained by word of mouth. When you are entrusting your once in a lifetime shots to someone for editing, you need to have confidence the job will be done properly. If you don’t know anyone who has used your preferred business before; ask them for references and check them.
  3. The Internet: The Internet is a good place to find a video service. You need to follow up with the company’s references with careful scrutiny. Many of the glowing references written on websites are clouds of fluff. You need to ask questions as well as obtaining names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous customers.